Every Visit
  • checkExterior perimeter security checks.
  • checkInsect infestation check.
  • checkWater damage / leaks and mold check.
  • checkStorm damages check.
  • crossedPlumbing check.
  • checkPool monitoring.
  • checkLandscape monitoring.
  • checkRemoval of newspapers, fliers and phone books from front door.
  • crossedOperation of air conditioners, dishwasher, washing machines, dryers, garbage disposers, refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers.
  • checkAutomobile start up and drive service.
  • crossedHumidity check and proper air temp entry and exit on air conditioning units.
  • checkContractor key-ins and auto care and drive service.
  • check Restocking refrigerator and pantry with grocery suggested by client.
  • checkOpening of blinds and shutters.
  • crossedChecking phone and internet connections.
  • checkAny other services you may need prior to your arrival.
Seasonal Exit
  • check Turning off main water supply valve.
  • checkRemoval of trash.
  • checkChecking all windows, doors, shutters and blinds are closed.
  • checkArming of security system.
  • crossedRemoval of all perishable items in the house.
  • checkResetting a/c and water heater.

Cleaning Services

We offer this service upon request from client and we will arrange for your home to be cleaned after you leave or before you come back.

Handy Man Services

We have a crew of well qualified handy men that can take care of any handyman work while you are away. We also offer power washing at your disposal.

Storm Preparation Services

Storms in Southwest Florida can take a toll on your property. During your absence Home Matters ensures your home is ready to “ride out” each storm. We install shutters, bring in or store patio furniture and plants and prepare pools. Immediately after the storm we will check your home for damage inside and out and report the status of the property to you via email or phone call.

Project Management Service

We can also monitor and coordinate any maintenance, repair or contractor services that are being carried out at your home.

All the services can be communicated to the owner through digital photo reports which are shared through email and provide a visual profile of the maintenance process.